We all have received texts from unknown numbers at one point or another but all we ever did was reply coldly saying ‘the wrong number’. These funniest people take this thing to a whole another level by replying savagely to the ones who texted them by mistake. Just sit back and enjoy this while getting some good ideas from these people who got some real funny brains.

1. Very sorry to disappoint Tony

2. All set to go

3. You want it. You get it

4. Looks great!

5. Congrats so happy for you

6. Party mode on

7. You can’t underestimate the talent

8. Tina’s playing games

9. Not as sorry as Sam’s going to be

10. We think so too

11. Love me!

12. Poor guy missed the game

13. Your loss

14. Don’t stop talking

15. The talent is real

16. Buzz ain’t got time

17. You got played

18. You weren’t supposed to ask

19. She/he stating facts

20. The competition is tough

21. You’re dead meat

22. Selfie game strong

23. Don’t take me wrong

24. Too bad

25. Why you gave hopes then?

26. Very glad

27. He said he is a grill

28. But what if it is a cat?

29. This hurts

30. NO

31. Nice cat no doubt

32. America is a free country

33. True

34. This is what we call comedy

35. Yes everybody sucks

36. Ouch

37. I got 99 problems

38. Oh wow that rhymes

39. We think so too

40. How are you doing dog?

41. He is chill ok?

42. Hannah got brains

43. This is the best thing I have read today

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