Know someone who’s terrible at driving. Well here’s proof that it can always get worse and no we’re not exaggerating.

We hope it’s not the body parts we’re thinking of because that’s just terrifying

I don’t think that’s what they meant greeno

Bikeception. This is an accident waiting to happen

At least they tied it down?

‘What could go wrong’, she said with one arm.

When life imitates art…or traffic signs.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Do you think we packed enough for the trip?

I can feel the anger collecting in the left lane.

Because covering one handicapped spot would be too nice for a do*che of such proportions.

She’s holding it down for dear life. literally.

Introducing…the not so smart car.

He’s just Flinstoning the TV home, one step at a time.

The one trick mechanics don’t want you to know about

I know a shortcut

Who needs AC when you’ve got j3eP.

Real men die like everyone else. Get those airbags fixed.

A tale in two pictures.

This is video game physics.

For those who like to be technically right but not essentially popular.

Sometimes car pulls yacht, sometimes yacht pull you.

Think you missed a spot.

Honestly, we’re not even mad.

Looks like someone rage quit their bike.

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