Makeup plays a big role in our lives. For some, it’s a daily routine they have to do, while for others, it’s a way to make their lives more interesting and improve their mood. Anyone can be a source of inspiration, from Megan Fox to David Bowie.

“Hello there, this makeup look was inspired by the beautiful Megan Fox, very Hollywood glam. I absolutely love the way her makeup is done, most of the time she will have very soft eye makeup and a red bitten lip.”

“I was inspired by this photo of Marilyn Monroe”

“A Twiggy-inspired makeup job”

“An Alexa Demie-inspired makeup look”

“A Euphoria-inspired makeup job”

“Did a cozy Bowie-inspired graphic liner!”

“A Bella Poarch-inspired look — I’m so obsessed with this!”

“Decided to try out a holiday glam look inspired by Tammi Clarke’s latest YouTube video.”

“I did a makeup look inspired by Chung Ha’s new music video!”

“Some days, you need to take that blue eyeshadow a step or 10 too far. A Kali Uchis-inspired look!”

“Thought you guys might appreciate my ’80s Boy George-inspired makeup for an online college assessment.”

“Harley Quinn-inspired makeup”

“Inspired by Naomi Smalls”

“Was told that I gave off Twiggy vibes and should do a ’60s mod look. And I LOVED the idea. Here’s my Twiggy inspired/’60s mod look.”

“My Kerry Washington-inspired look — your thoughts?”

“Bold blush inspired by Lili Reinhart’s 2019 Met Gala look”

What do you draw inspiration from while doing your makeup?

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