There are days that things not only just go wrong but the whole universe is conspiring against you to fail your tasks. These are actually the people who faced some of the most bizarre and cringe fails and a kind enough person captured these on camera to show the internet what it really looks like when you face a major fail. Go through the list and let us know which one of the fails is your worst fear and why?

1. When this is the start of your day

2. Umm a tad bit too comfortable

3. Too obvious fail

4. At least she was able to remove her foot

5. That’s a failed example of applying a bandaid to the tree

6. Our kind of chill

7. Such a sweet gesture

8. Bad copy

9. AGREE 100%

10. I mean what even?

11. When you are too high on your evening shift

12. Wish he could decide on something early

13. Oh Dear God!

14. Swwet child

15. Some people really are something

16. Some diversity we can see here

17. Atleast they speak truth

18. Hah the joke is on you!

19. Sadly nothing to surprise here

20. Some force used here

21. A fun trick to play

22. Way to trick your girlfriend

23. WTH

24. When you want to take creativity to next level

25. What is happening here?

26. This hurts my heart

27. The joke is on you dude!

28. Bad FAIL

29. Smooth

30. OMG Cringe

31. When you pay for a cheap flight

32. This guy’s math skills are messed up

33. Something is wrong here

34. When you cant buy commonsense from the Internet

35. I feel this picture

36. Sums up humans

37. What do these people even do at school?

38. Poor Elsa

39. Simply WOW

40. All set to avoid a snowstorm

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