1. Is someone in the wrong neighborhood?

2. Shocked to see it right?

3. That leg.

4. What the heck is going on there?

5. You have to see it a couple of times to know everything is fine there.

6. Wait a minute… Are you serious?

7. That was scary.

8. This would’ve scared the sh*t out of anyone.

9. An attempt to disguise.

10. Day 11, they’re still looking for me.

11. What? Are they gonna drink me?

12. Ah, keep staring, everything is fine there too.

13. Kids are trolling these days.

14. Yup, he’s next. Get ready.

15. Did you see the real one?

16. Don’t mess with them when they are together.

17. Believe it or not.

18. Hello, is dinner ready?

19. What an observation. Indeed it is.

20. Why don’t you put your trash in the dustbin? Look at its emotions.

21. The romantic flame.

22. Let’s hold all of you together.

23. He he he he…

24. OMG!

25. When you see it.

26. Gotch ya!

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