We all have different bodies, but some people have characteristics that others don’t. One of those unique characteristics is the holes on your lower back, otherwise known as ‘the dimple of Venus’.

Now, before you all start checking your back in the mirror, you should know that these beauty marks are more common in women. Nevertheless, there are some guys who have them, too – and it doesn’t mean you’re feminine or something.

Lateral Lumbal Indentations

These so-called Venus holes are the result of a small ligament stretching between the spine and skin. They are probably passed down to you from your mom because these characteristics are usually genetic.

Reaching the peak is a piece of cake

Several pieces of research have confirmed that women who have Venus holes tend to reach their peak during intimate activities easier than those who don’t. But you probably knew that already…

The Apolo holes

Venus holes get their name after the Roman goddess of beauty and love, and men love them. And even though this is more of a female characteristic, there are men who have them and they’re called the Apollo holes, named after the Roman god Apollo – and women are always turned on by them.

Besides the ligament stretching between the spine and skin, the reason why people have them is due to the placement and shape of the pelvis and backbone.

A higher chance of a release

The very position of bones and muscle in the body could cause improved circulation, and therefore a higher chance of a release.

Some people have more pronounced back dimples than others. However, the size, shape, and appearance of those dimples depend on the shape and athleticism of the person.

And even if you don’t have them, there are exercises that can help you get them

You need to exercise back bending and engage those lower back muscles, as well as core muscles. That will pronounce the dimples even more. And if you already have them and want people to know about them, get two piercings on them – they’ll be your lucky charm.

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