Getting a perfect picture requires a lot of effort and concentration to get an ideal snap that you can flaunt on your social media accounts. That might be a struggle but getting the best blooper just requires the perfect timing. Sounds good, right?

Not as good as it should be because these bloopers are definitely not the pictures that you can flex upon. They are the photographer’s skills of getting the most unusual shot in their cameras. They catch you at the very wrong place at the exact right time and sometimes they are so perfectly timed that they deserve their own award. These hilarious perfect timing pictures are a reason why cameras are the best things that happened to us! They provide us with many silly outtakes out of all perfection to laugh upon.
Enjoy this reel of the best (or the worst) moments that people had to deal with. It includes people who had a hard time at sports while some were just at the wrong place. However, we can guarantee you these rib-tickling pictures will not disappoint you.

Do let us know in the comments which one made you laugh hysterically. Scroll and enjoy!

1. Now That’s A Perfect ‘Blooper’

2.  A Woman Flexing Her Stretch Strength

3. Just A Centaur Having A Drink

4. When The Photographer Clicked A Perfect Photo Yet It Feels So Wrong

5. Wrong Place Right Time Be Like

6. Such A Power Stroke!

7. When He Knew It Messed Up

8. Now That’s A Stunning One

9. Our Eye Already Hurts Seeing This

10. Coaches Don’t Play But They Do Have To Pay

11. That Face Says It All!

12. Ouch! Not The Best Blooper We Could Ask For

13. Give That Hero A Medal!

14. A Volleyball Blooper Worth The Sight

15. Cheerleaders Cheering Up In The Most Wrong Way

16. Need A Double Check On This? Its Okay We Did Too

17. And On This One Too

18. Keep Going Lady, You’re Doing Good

19. Five Points For This GOAL

20. A New Fashion Inspiration In Town?

21. Swimmer Got Clicked At His Best (Or Maybe Not?)

22. Where They Messed Up

23. He’s Not Going To Let It Go!

24. She Might Be Just Looking For Something

25. He’s Flying Really High

26. Someone Is Not Having A Goodtime At Race On A Hot Day

27. Please Kick The FootBALL Only

 28. Pants Down For This Photographer’s Perfect Timing (Sorry, We Mean Hands Down)

 29. You Know What They See Coming!

30. Can You Spot What’s Wrong In This Picture?

31. Whoops! Players Need To Be More Careful While Playing