We have always heard the struggles of short people and how hard life is for them. But ever thought about the life of tall people?
While a good height is the desired trait and a wish for many, the people who got it a bit extra are totally not pleased. As they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing, it’s true for these extra tall people. Life is not easy for them when normal things in their lives too get challenging for them. Imagine hitting the ceilings whenever you stand up or are not able to get fit in cars, life is not fair for these giants. They are just trying to live their day-to-day life normally, which is obviously not very normal.
Living with extra height is a true challenge that most people have no idea about. Once you see these pictures where life was a real struggle for these tall people, you will thank yourself for being short or average. These funny scenes perfectly show what a normal life for these extra-height people looks like.

1. Struggle To Get Fit Into A Car

2. You Always Need One Extra Seat

3. Doing It While Right Seeing In Your Friend’s Eyes

4. Hitting Into Walls Every time

4. Stay Prepared For These Mandatory Questions

5. Taking A Shower Is Never Fun

6. Change Room Has Its Own Struggles

7. Bathroom But Not For Tall Peeps

8. Make Sure To Have Knee Pads When You Cook

9. Hugs Are Not How They Supposed To Be

10. Window Seats Are The Best?

11. A Tall Height Couple In front Of Normal People

12. Check Ups Go Like This

13. Never Fitting Into Hospital Bed

14. Never Finding The Same Size Partner

15. Airplanes Need To Be A Little Taller Now

16. Struggles Of Being In A Picture

17. Always Book The Front Seat in Flights

18. Its Nice View Up Here

19. Never Sleep On Couches

20. Finding Right Size Mirror Is Another Big Task

21. How A Tall Height Son And Normal Mom Hugs

22. Shirt Says It All

23. Buddies Struggling To Cook A Good Meal

24. Pose For The Perfect Passport Pic

25. All Prepared Now!

26. Mirror Problem Solved!

27. This Is How to Interview A Tall Guy

28. Exercise Will Never Be Simple

29. Just A Normal Sight Of Tall Girl Using ATM

So turns out the life of tall people is a lot harder than us. While their impressive height is a big flex, their struggles are also a big challenge for them. Tell us if you can relate to any of these above problems.