The weekend is just over the horizon as another long week draws to a close. Help speed up the weekend’s arrival by browsing some pics and funny memes when you’re bored or just stuck with some downtime.

1. Life after Covid

2. Breaks heart with his hair?


4. Blow it.

5. Importance of first and last letter.

6. Do you relate?

7. It’s all about how you pretend.

8. The most difficult job to do.

9. Unlimited last straws.




13. Congrats! you are right.

14. AI at its best

15. All the folks out there can relate.

16. WOW! yummilicious.

17. Technology ruined.

18. Cat: Master, you disappointed me.

19. Round 2.

20. WOW!

21. Oh yeah!

22. Especially in a kitchen.

23. Dear crush to Dear bro.

24. WOW! That’s a creative thought.

25. Netflix and chill.

26. Poor ears.

27. You are not allowed in a school anymore.

28. Why cheat then?

29. Future!

30. Respect!

31. Can you see? Is it in?

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