Being savage is the new cool on the Internet now. If you got a good sense of humor, you can surely flex it off proudly. After all, what’s left in life without humor?
People with an extra dose of humor in them have always brought a bright smile to everyone’s face with their trolls and savage memes. Walking on their own path, flaunting their savagery, these sassy people surely live in a whole different world. Kings of the humor know where they belong. Flying high, and ain’t nobody got time for a boring life.
From time to time, we have seen netizens being savage and setting the humor bar really high. The question is not just about being savage but winning the game with your quirky sense of humor. But is being savage bad? Not until your humor does not offends anyone. Otherwise, you are good to get the crown!
So scroll down, get on this roller coaster of laughter with these ingenious people and their most savage acts that became the meme of the day. Don’t forget to mention your favorite one in the last.

1. Let’s Start With This Savage Pup
Do you see that cunning smile?
2. So This Dad Knows How To Troll His Daughter Whose Phone Has Been Taken

3. Most Savage Book Ever?

4. A Mom Wishing Luck To Her Son For Interview

5. When Uber Driver Is Already Done For The Day

6. This One Really Took Us

7. Be Careful Because Internet May Get Savage At Anytime!

8. Oops! That Was Harsh

9. Kid’s Just Too Genius For His Age

10. Men Being Men

11. Sassy Momma’s Savage Birthday Cake

12. Life Is Easy When You Are Genius

13. This Is Pure Evil. TBH

14. Keeping Up With The Humor!

15. Imagine Having Such Cool Parent

16. Too Worse To Start The Day With?

17. Guess They Figured Out Their Ways

18. Get Yourself A Savage Friend Like Him

19. We Are Already In Tears!

20. Get Yourself Friends Like Them (Part 2)

21. Guess Who’s Winning Here?

22. This Teacher Has Pretty Much Cleared It!

23. We Can Feel You Bro, We Really Can

24. Too Much To Be A Good Birthday Wish?

25. When You Know You Are In Real Trouble Now

26. ‘ADOPTED’ It Says

27. This Mom Surely Knows How To Make Things Work!