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Influencer Katie Sturino is busy pushing the size-inclusive fashion-forward movement. Among her many projects, she runs a series of herself wearing celebrity outfits as a plus-size woman (we’ve even covered some of her older looks!). Showing that anybody can wear anything, Katie tries to break the negative cycle of body comparison. “It’s never about who wore it better,” she says, “that mindset just keeps us down!” 1. Princess Diana
  1. Celebrities
Celebrities live under constant pressure to always look perfect, and most of them can’t even go out makeup-free without making headlines. But these brave women decided to take their guards down and share their less-than-perfect pictures on social media. From embracing cellulite and body hair to taking no-makeup selfies, these celebrities prove beauty really comes from within. 1. Julia Michaels
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in duda alguna, Galilea Montijo y Fernando Reina han tenido una celebración de aniversario de boda un poco agridulce. Y es que coincidiendo con esta fecha tan especial, la presentadora del programa Hoy ha enfrentado el fallecimiento de su padre, el señor Gustavo Montijo Talamantes, una situación que ha tocado el corazón de la tapatía, a pesar de que ella misma reconoció […]
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Unlike most beauty pageants, where outfit choices are often narrowed down to evening gowns, Miss Mexico is nothing short of a wonder. Contestants rock it in elaborate dresses, makeup, and headwear that draw inspiration from traditional Mexican clothing, history, and culture. Some costumes reference Day of the Dead while others feature ragdolls or “Marías” and even pay tribute to ancient Incan and Mayan ancestry. 1.